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Riwo Sangchoe Incense

Riwo Sangchoe Incense

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Riwo Sangchoe, or "Mountain Smoke Incense", is a practice that involves burning incense to purify the environment and karma, and to heal negative situations. Practice is said to remove obstacles, gather good fortune, and clear the mind of negative thoughts. This can lead to peace of mind, good health, and a long life. 

Riwo Sangchoe is a treasured teaching from Guru Rinpoche that was revealed in the 17th century in Sikkim. The practice uses fire to purify obscurations, and some say that offering incense is a blessing to beings wherever the smoke goes. Some practitioners use Riwo Sangchoe as the liturgical base for "dharma burn", which is a respectful way to dispose of things with dharma words of Chanting.

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